True Transformation


Many of us share similar stories about the hassle of apartment renovation, its difficulties and challenges, and probably bad experiences: delayed performance, costs going through the roof, poor results, and forsaken dreams and expectations. Many of us already start off with this in mind. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Our company is already during the concept phase at your service. The renovation can be a smaller modernization all the way to a full demolition to the slab and a complete reconstruction (in the case of apartments) or an extension or building of an additional floor in the case of detached houses. Be it any of these, you’ll experience professionalism, patience and flexibility already at the outset. It is not only in the technical field, but also brainstorming, planning, executing and, last but not least, interior design and landscape architecture where we outperform.

Seeing the possibilities, the aesthetics, that certain extra which make our apartment or house truly breathtaking – this is the difference we offer, from the very beginning until the very end and even beyond, as, due to our real estate management service we intend to remain in touch: be it maintenance, lease or sale, you can count on us with exact, foreseeable budget calculations, deadlines and dedicated colleagues always at your disposal.