All-inclusive Administration

The scope of our services includes, in addition and connecting to real estate investment, the management of a piece of real estate or a large portfolio. The subject of this service can be a single piece of apartment or even a large portfolio of different types of real estate counting 20-30 units, including office buildings. This real estate management process can include several types of services, including tenant search, lease process, the collection of lease fees, the technical and aesthetic management and development, legal, notary public, land registry, and even banking, translation or interpretation services – ie. the full scope of administration in order for the owner to rest assured and enjoy the returns, even in absence. This way we can guarantee that the everyday administrational burdens and bureaucracies do not mean any hassle to the owner.   

ingatlankezelésOur company offers real estate management services in four main areas.

Finance and Marketing
We’ll set the right lease fee based on statistics, past transactions, and the current and future market perspectives. A profound knowledge of the building, the site, area and the district, as well as the competition is a basic requirement. Our real estate manager recommends the most suitable marketing, promotional and sales strategies for the owner in order to maximize the number of tenants and thus, lease fee. We prepare regular financial reports, income statements, and explain their items in detail; this service also includes the preparation of an operative budget.

Tenant and Lease Management
Understanding tenant needs and requirements is very important. Having someone move into a property is just the first step. The real estate manager, on behalf of the owner, closely monitors the tenant’s needs and the proper use of the property. Our colleagues collect the lease fees and monitor the tenant’s overall satisfaction. Legal issues or possible court procedures related thereto also form part of the assignment.

Facility Management
Real Estate Management also includes the physical maintenance of the real estate and its environment; landscape architecture, technical and architectural tasks all form part of the assignment, as well as keeping contact with the subcontractors, timing of payments, checking the timely and financial compliance of repairs and developments, in accordance with the owner’s wishes – it is our top goal to offer high-level, well-maintained real estate on the long term to our clients.

Administration and Risk Management
This task includes the full array of paperwork, and all related taxation, licencing, authority and other official administration, as well as the reporting and liaising with the owners. We ask for a power of attorney and note every step in order to assure traceability.