Reliable Returns

Real estate investment is one of the oldest investment forms, and has been basically around since the early settlements of mankind. Real estate is one of the five investment forms every investor should consider, thanks to its cash-flow, liquidity, yield and value increasing capabilities.

Real estate investment for rental fee income
Just as in the case of stock dividends, the most elemental form of real estate investment is the well-coordinated and regulated lease of a piece of real estate by the owner in exchange of a lease fee. In contrast to real estate exchange-traded or investment funds, this option means the physical ownership of a particular piece of real estate, having legal and physical disposition, including all advantages thereof.

Real estate investment for asset value
Real estate prices have risen historically at least at the rate of inflation, but in most cases and countries above that – it is, thus, easy to recognize, that real estate can be an attractive investment form, if we only consider its value maintaining or value increasing power. If this comes combined with a lease fee, then the owner can profit on both ends.


Real estate investment for value increase
While real estate generates a steady cash flow, an extension, a technical or aesthetic makeover, in short: a general renovation or change of function will further increase the asset’s value – in addition to its value increase experienced in the long term. If there is a lease agreement in addition, then in the form of an increased lease yield, if the property is sold, then in the form of an increased sales price.

Real estate investment for protection against inflation
As in the case of most products and services, inflation also influences the price of real estate development, renovation, and thus, mostly, lease fees. In this sense, real estate investment is an outstanding form of funds allocation in order for not only protect against, but also make use of inflation.

Real estate investment for external equity
In many financial situations it pays off to use external equity instead of our own, and in these cases, the asset accepted most widely by financial institutions as collateral is real estate; this can also enable us to finance further properties, and even build a portfolio.

A real estate or a portfolio can, as seen above, form attractive and reliable returns for the owners. Not only lease can be the basis of a steady revenue stream, but a real estate purchased with the necessary care and professionalism at the right moment can induce net worth growth, and in case or sales, net profit. Our real estate investment service often comes with real estate or portfolio management, or real estate renovation. The latter is yet another possibility to further increase the property’s value, surpassing the cost of investment.  

Our company does the mapping, finding, the entire purchasing and management process – thus, guaranteeing an attractive, steady investment form for our clients with very little effort on their behalf, combined with top-notch renovation services, always fulfilled until the agreed deadline.