Back to Nature!

kertépítésBe it a roof terrace, a family home garden or a large estate, gardens are not accompany, an amendment, but an integral part of a real estate, the mirror of our individuality and life form, and they deserve to be treated that way. We’ve come to the point that a garden is way more than a piece of green area – both in aesthetics and function. Our garden is a living, and – based on climate and preference – an accurately planned and installed ecosystem, a complex, living creation with a vast possible number of functions, thus it needs to be designed with the necessary care, professionalism and foresight. This is why we have to let the professionals do the work for us.

Our landscape architecture service includes, but is not limited to the following: full-scope garden design, irrigation systems, professional garden maintenance and care, precipitation management, precipitation collecting systems, lawn instalment, care and aeration, ornamental trees and their care, garden lakes, pools, all coming with thorough consultation. In addition to the botanical fields of expertise, landscape architecture often includes complex construction works, including covers, pillars, walls, precipitation and waste water systems, tool houses, semi roofs, patios, pavilions and other structures, just to name a few.