The interior architect is not a decorator; his task is the high-level design of rooms and spaces based on functionality. The content, the applied materials, lightning technology, technical know-how, high-end solutions, and different kinds of fittings and furniture are all necessary to make a home extraordinary, by full taking into account the owner’s temperament, age group or personal expectations. In order to fulfil this task on the highest level possible, one needs specific knowledge on many areas, including architecture, technology, materials, trend and design. The ability to procure and install different objects, machinery and fittings from the best sources, at the best deadlines and cost can make the difference. The interior architect manages the work of a number of colleagues, which demands profound knowledge and experience. In addition to the above-mentioned skills, the interior architect has to have an elaborate taste for style, awareness and imagination to see the potential in each and every space.


VESSLER will recommend for every assignment which is a tad more complex than average an interior architect, as this service is indispensable for a complex transformation of space. Not only that, but we’ll get to know you and your desires, including the costs thereof. In addition, the interior architect can also be important to convey experience and technical know-how, to best foresee problems and avoid unreal expectations already before the construction beings. In one word: if you wish to make your home a dazzling, extraordinary, breathtaking masterpiece with state-of-the art solutions, you can count on us!