Our company was established to be your one-stop premium partner with the explicit goal to offer top-notch solutions in the areas of real estate investment, management, development, renovation, interior and landscape architecture. The difference is always in the details: not only upon the first contact, but throughout the entire process you’ll experience a reliable, professional partner always and anywhere at your disposal. We look at each piece of real estate, be it already built, under or before renovation, as our own, as only this is the guarantee for outstanding results.

We strive for perfection in the below domains of expertise:

A dazzling transformation is what you experience if you choose to assign us for your renovation works. This often means a comprehensive alteration, often down to the barest structures, especially in old buildings, condos. The results are staggering, once your real estate undergoes a full technical, aesthetical and interior-architectural makeover – in addition to being beautiful, its price will also increase, thereby raising returns on your real estate.

Nice or breathtaking? Elegant or staggering? Great or overwhelming? Feels-like-home or home itself? Extraordinary aesthetic and technical solutions are the token for a space not only to become gorgeous, but absolutely special in its entirety. Our work of our interior architects and designers is characterized by the endeavour for perfect fit-outs, exclusive materials and revolutionary solutions.

Real estate has always been an attractive investment form, as – based on research spanning multiple decades – prices have, over the long term, risen constantly and thus guaranteed above-average returns (compared to inflation) for the owners. Our company maps, finds and handles the entire purchasing and management process – thus, we offer an attractive and value-preserving investment form for our clients with very little time investment on their behalf.

The management of a piece of real estate (or even more that of a portfolio) demands substantial time and effort on behalf of the owner. Our clients can sleep tight at night, though: our company assumes all tasks and responsibilities regarding the comprehensive technical management, the legal, notary public, banking and other administrative, or utility-related issues on a professional level. The result: maximum profit even in the owner’s absence.

Our professional general contractor team is at your disposal for building apartments, detached houses and commercial real estates. The entire process is realized according to the speed and depth desired by the client, keeping in mind all technical, aesthetic and style-related issues, starting from the first step all the way to the most diverse, world-class interior architectural solutions.

Gardens, patios, rooftop terraces form an integral part of our everyday lives. It is not only from an aesthetic, but also from a botanical point of view imperative to have our green areas installed and maintained by a professional team. We know, how much a breathtaking garden actually means to our clients and their families, and this is exactly why – together with our partners – we strive for great results also in this domain.