Real Estate Renovation

A dazzling transformation is what you’ll witness once you assign our company with your renovation needs. A stunning result, especially when apartments are taken apart completely, especially in old buildings. Breathtaking results after a comprehensive technical, aesthetic and interior design makeover – in addition to unprecedented beauty, your real estate will also increase in value, and thus income-generating power.

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Real Estate Management

The management of a piece of real estate or a portfolio means substantial effort both in terms of time and energy on behalf of the owner. Our clients can sleep well; we take over the entire technical management, the legal, notary public, banking and other administrative tasks, even the management of the communal and other related services on a professional level. The result: maximum returns even in the owner’s absence.

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Interior Architecture

Just nice or breathtaking? Elegant or staggering? Great or overwhelming? Feels-like-home or pure home itself? Extraordinary aesthetic and top-notch technical solutions do not only render rooms, spaces and homes beautiful, but entirely astonishing. Thorough consultation with the client, perfect fit-out, exclusive materials and state-of-the-art solutions are the characteristic elements of our interior architecture specialists' work.

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Real Estate Development

We are at our clients’ disposal with a professional construction team for the development of apartments, detached houses or retail units. The entire process is carried out based on the client’s needs regarding speed and content, or depth of the assignment, keeping in mind all the relevant technical, aesthetic and stylistic needs from the first step all the way to the most diverse, world-class interior design and architectural solutions.

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Real Estate Investment

Real estate is an attractive investment, as property prices have proved to rise steadily beyond inflation, thus generating above-average returns for the owners. Our company maps, finds and overtakes the entire purchase transaction and the following management process. By doing so, we can guarantee an attractive investment form of lasting value with very little time input on behalf of the client. 

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Landscape Architecture

Gardens, patios or roof-terraces are important spaces in our lives. It is not only from an aesthetic, but also from a botanical point of view important to let professionals take over the installation and long-term maintenance of these green areas. We know how important a breathtaking garden is for our clients and their families; this is why we always strive to create something great, thanks to our partners, also in this field of expertise.

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  • Contact, Assessment
  • Concept, Planning
  • Transaction, Execution
  • Handover, Follow-Up
We are always reachable and at your disposal. Contacting and keeping contact is a fundamental prerequisite for a work relationship and the guarantee for a successful cooperation, and this is especially true for the real estate business. We negotiate and assess all client needs in person, already after the first contact: be it an investment property or property management, development, renovation or interior architecture, a dedicated colleague is constantly by your side. We ensure appropriate amount of time for assessment, and learn and discuss our client’s needs one-by-one – be it financial, technical, aesthetic or of other nature. Our entire workflow is characterized, beyond to professional excellence, by full discretion and dedication to detail.
The detailed assessment is followed by concept design and elaboration, as well as workflow planning. We provide consultation on numerous occasions during the concept design, as the end result – be it any specific real estate area – will belong to the client, and thus needs to be perfect, extraordinary, all in all something really special. This is the phase in which, in addition to creativity, business acumen and specific and profound experience are required; for this purpose, we heavily rely on qualified colleagues who are experts in their specific fields in order to carry out the tasks at hand on the highest expectable standards..
Implementation is the most important, and certainly most spectacular work phase when it comes to real estate development or renovation. It is just dazzling when plans become reality in front of our eyes, step by step, and the design ideas, materials, furniture, fittings and installations we dreamt up finally take form and become tangible. Our company, however, also offers real estate investment and management: under transaction we hereby understand the purchase, or possible sale, or the comprehensive real estate management process throughout the real estate’s lifespan, meaning while it is in possession. We perform all these tasks offering a single connection point with the client in order to offer the best service possible.
The result of every work process is a successful handover; even in the case of a closed-ended assignment does a project handover mean the termination of communication with our clients. While the handover of a project might probably be the long-waited moment in the case of a real estate development or interior architecture project, it seldom stops here, and this is all the more so for real estate management or investment projects. We remain reachable and at the client’s disposal, the follow-up, constant contact or follow-up duties mean that client contact remains an indispensable part of our work relationship. We are committed both professionally and personally for maintaining a long-term and high-quality client relationship.

Contact, Assessment